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    I have versamail set up with my work email and it works fine except for one thiing. when I open an email and it contains a jpeg I cannot save that jpeg to my media or my treo at all. It will not give me any functions to save the pic anywhere. Is there something that I am doing wrong or need to update in pref to get this?

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    Is there a little paper-clip icon at the top of the screen? If so, tap it, and you should get the option to view or to save.
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    no paperclip icon on the top of the screen. not even when I have pdf or xls files. I have docs to go ed 8 on my treo and it works to open up all my docs to save to docs except jpeg. what is the deal? how can I save jpgs from versamail? how can I check to see what viewer that versamail is using for jpgs?
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    When you open the email, it will list the files at the bottom. Highlight the file you want to download using the 5-way directional pad, then push 'right' and a list will pop-up with an option to save the file.
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    it works. something so easy but I had no clue. thank u

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