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    I am going to buy a Treo 650 today and was wondering what I need to check there and then in the shop before parting with my hard-earned? Apart from making and receiving calls and establishing an internet connection what else must I check?
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    It sounds like you will not be able to re-contact the seller . . . . . . . .

    What carrier?
    Is the ESN clear of charges or reported stolen?

    how is the radio strength and reception?
    does it perform a Soft reset?
    does it perform a hard reset?
    does it perform a hot-sync?
    does it read and write to an SD card?
    does the battery charge?
    how fast does the battery drain?
    do cables work?
    does the headphone jack work?
    does the rear speaker work?
    does it take a picture?
    does the touch screen work?
    digitize the screen.
    is it the original ROM or a custom?
    are all the ROM programs there?
    do you get the original packaging and install disk?
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    I am buying it new. I will not be able to test the battery drain or cables in the time I have in the shop but I will certainly check the camera, speaker, headset and touch screen.
    How do I:
    soft reset?
    hard reset?
    confirm the ROM?
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    Is this a pawn shop?

    If it is new -- is it from an actual carrier's store?
    Will the store be there tomorrow or next week?

    If so -- they should stand behind their sale.
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    It is a legitimate store selling goods with manufacturer's warranty. The store has been there for some time and seems to be trading well daily going by the number of customers inside buying and/or asking.
    So you're saying that I just buy and sort out any problems later?
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    If you are comforatble with the shop. . . . I would buy, install and play . . . . within a day or 2 and the help of this forum . . . .you will know if you have a good unit.

    Full manufacturers warranty . . . even if this unit is bad -- you will end up with a great device.
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    Thanks for your input. I'm off in an hour to get it!
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    One last question ... dead pixels - should I test for these and is there a built-in program to do so?
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    there is a freeware program . . . .

    going to look. . . .
    LCD analyzer

    test the web function of the device at the store by downloading this program to the Treo and then test the screen . . . . ?
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    Everything I could possibly test was tested and I am now the proud owner of a new Treo 650!
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    Im going to buy a used treo 650...

    I would like to know what to check to know if its fully working good... thanks
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    If it's a GSM model, put in your SIM and make sure that the phone recognizes it. Make a test call if you can. Try the various keyboard keys, especially P which tends to be a problem. Play a sound through the rear speaker and try a headset (the headset jack can sometimes fail.)
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    yes it is a GSM model, thanks

    anything else?
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