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    Is there anyway to purge the chat log? I cant seem to find it.
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    In messaging menu-K
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesgangut View Post
    In messaging menu-K
    That doesnt work on Chat's. Only messages. If I change my settings to "never" do chats (which then makes everything a message) then I can run the menu-K.
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    So, has anyone figured out how to purge chat logs?
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    You need to get out of the Chat. Click the Done button, this will take you back to the Main Msgs menue. With the particular chat session selected, click the Delete button. That gets rid of the whole chat session.
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    Also, if you want to delete traces of who you sms'ed, this is how to do it: (I don't know if this is what you mean by chat log)

    1. Open FileZ
    2. Click on "View and Edit Files"
    3. Click on the triangle next to "Internal" to expand that
    4. Scroll down to find the file named "AddressingLibRecent-HsCh". It may look like the name is cut off due to the width of the page. This used to be names SMSQuicktext in the Treo 650
    5. Select it, then click on the Menu button. Select Delete if you wish to remove it.

    I hope this helps.
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    That does help. I was hoping to find a way to constanty purge a chat log so say the last 7 days are there. The same way the Purge works for messages.

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