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    Hello all,

    Well I am a new user and went to update my 650 this morning with the 1.05a updater for Verizon and got a looping error with the E911 portion. Now the phone will not turn on so I can not make calls. The phone asks if I want to turn on the phone and I select yes, it then performs a reboot and the phone is still off. Is there anything that can be done...
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    Do a hard reset (you'll lose all applications and data). Don't sync.
    Does the phone work?

    If yes, rename the \Program Files\<your id>\Backup directory and sync. You'll get back your calendar, contacts, memos and tasks.
    Now re-install all applications one by one, verifying that the phone and everything else works after each application is installed.

    If No, suspect bad hardware.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    While using the latest update from Palm 1.05a VZW the E911 upadater caused the Treo to loop a reboot cycle 10 too 15 seconds after launching. While trying to recover from the loop the ROM updater is interupted and caused the Phone application and other applications that require the phone to reboot the unit. I was online with Palm 3 times, then on the phone with Verizon, Then back with Palm. All of the troubleshooting pointed to a firmware problem. So the only solution was to send it in for repair. Sucks big time...Palm Customer Service even worse than I could have ever imagined. The lady (probably in India) actually yelled at me on the phone when I asked for her supervisor. So I will try to avoid using them for anything in the future. Well hopefully they keep to the service schedule 5-7 days and get it back to me soon. Thanks for your reply.
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    hey there cptnnapalm74...I am experiencing the same problem right now. Besides the grumpy lady in customer service, did they stick with the service schedule? And did they fix your phone? Was your phone under warranty or did you buy the repair service? Got any advice from your recent experience that you would like to share? Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance!

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