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    i have the car charger from the Palm GPS kit, which goes from car cigarette adapter to two separate output cords, one with a treo power plug and the other with a mini USB plug. This is for use to run a Treo and the Bluetooth GPS unit at the same time. I love this because I can also use it to charge any other mini-USB devices as well and have upgraded my bluetooth GPS and also have a standalone GPS that plugs via mini USB.

    However, today, I had a hard time plugging the Treo into it's cord and the connector got smashed a bit so it doesn't fit in. Looking at the TreoCentral store and the Palm official store, I can't find a replacement part for this. Anybody know where I can find it? (official Palm unit or quality third party unit is ok)

    The Palm part number of the item is R020A10050.
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    I'd like to know, too, as I fried my adapter weeks ago. Since then I bought two seperate plugs for each of the units (not a good solution)...
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    I too have a need for a replacement R020A10050. This is the cigarette lighter charger with two leads. . .one for the Treo and the other for the GPS receiver.
    The part that plugs into the DC outlet is broken...actually the tip came apart and parts got lost (I think it's a fuse and/or spring). I have searched Palm, Treo and the Holux websites with no luck.
    Did either one of you find an answer ?
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    Anybody get a beat on where to find this accessory? I just got a GPSR and would like to be able to charge both the Receiver and Treo on long trips.

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    To charge your Palm GPS device you have two additional choices:

    1) Buy a wall AC to Cigarette Lighter converter at Radio Shack - this way you can use your Cigarette Lighter charger that came from Palm.

    2) Buy a USB to Mini-USB (B) cable. I use this option to charge my Palm GPS receiver off of a USB port on my laptop. I bought mine from CablesToGo: With a little research, I think you can get this cable cheaper somewhere else (maybe Radio Shack).

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    Try this link girls & boys:

    Good luck
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    Hi Can someone help me please, i have the same Vehicle power adapter and the other day it was in pieces and the fuse is nowhere to be seen. If someone still has the fuse could you give me the dimension of the fuse and also its power rating please.

    The fuse is contained in the section that goes into the cigarette lighter just unscrew the top. the specification of the fuse can be found around the tip and i would also like the length of the fuse. hopefully i can find an equivalent in Maplin

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    This should do the trick, similar to the last one listed, but icludes the mini-USB side, hardwired, for free...

    with the optional DC-T5 tip.

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