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    I was curious if Ringo Pro allows you to set an mp3 located on the device as a ringer.

    So far I've had no luck with it. I figure I have to buy an SD card.

    But I could really use some insight on this issue.

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    Yes it does, and yes you need an sd card.

    You put the MP3's on the card (since your phone would only hold a few MP3's anyways) then you use RINGO to assign the ring tone to the MP3.
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    Just to add to this I was able to assign a mp3 via ringo but when someone calls it does not loop and is not very long either. Any ideas
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    Hmm..that is weird, what version of Ringo are you using? Mine always loop.
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    mine gives beep in the background when I am on call after picking up the call. I have to go into ringo and click on play and stop by clicking on button in ringo mp3 selection menu. Its weird. I tried any mp3 file and same result. It ring fine, mp3 start playing but once i answer call it just start beeping in background of call. Very weird.
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    ringo pro killed my sms look up function. Had to do a hard reset re-install prc by prc, restore from BB or nvbackup restored the problem. all is well now w/o ringo, for me tha t is.....
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    Never had a problem with Ringo
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    Ringo Pro on my 680 stopped the phone from vibrating when I got calls, but not when I got messages.

    Have dropped the program from my phone, am now using MiniTones.

    Much happier.

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