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    I'm starting to spend more time birding, and am looking for some software that will let me keep track of the different birds I see, as well as other information (where, etc.) Is there any software out like this or should I just use a database or spreadsheet program?

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    Not sure if this is what you are looking for or not but Thinkingbytes has a ThinkDB tinyByte for bird watchers check it out:

    I have not used but just was looking at their site and noticed it there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the tip. This might be good, but it crashes when it tries to go to Palmgear and download. I'll give them a few days to try to get Palmgear's download service working... ugh.

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    I suggest getting an eyemodule 2, and eyecontact. Then just create a "birds I've seen" category for eyecontact. You can change many data field names, and with each entry you'll have a picture of the bird you just saw.

    ThinkDB is very versatile, and I'm sure that the birding tinybyte is great. What I haven't been able to do with ThinkDB is import eyemodule pictures. If they could figure out how to do that, it would be the perfect birding data application.

    Dave ;-)
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    If you have HanDBase, check out their free applets gallery. There are a couple of downloads there, one fairly comprehensive one by Paul Earle (I believe it's on British birds but could easily be adapted for other areas) and one I posted that is a very simple checklist of North American birds.

    The link is
    Ted Duffield
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    Thanks for the links, I too have been looking for this sort of thing. Thus far I've been using Handyshopper! Works ok but the TinyByte or Handbase look more appropriate.

    Glad to see I'm not the only VisorCentral birder!
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    Hey Jupe...

    Are you a kayaker? I saw your little rolling dude and thought - a kayaker with a visor... I know about 1 of those. I'm up in the PacNW, no rain means no water. It's been a pretty lame year for paddling. Maybe next year.

    Anyway, I sent a message to the thinkdb people about the birding database not working and within a few hours they had emailed me the whole nine yards. So far it seems pretty cool... I guess I'm going to just start from scratch and enter things as I see them - I've never really cataloged birds before, but it is starting to seem like it might be more fun.

    Send me an email at if you want me to email you the whole deal (what was sent to me from Tinybyte).

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    I've used the tinybyte for ThinkDB on birdwatching. I liked most of what was there but ended up tweaking quite a bit of it. I made checkboxes for male female or group so I could track that instead of what the bird was doing. I also added more areas for entering where I say the bird. I really liked the flexibility and ease of use. I am a kayaker too (in Southeast Alaska) and have a kayak log in Access that I will probably soon convert to a thinkDB tinybyte (I tried to buy the desktop conduit but it was backordered - while waiting I read some really bad reviews of the conduit so cancelled my order.)

    Happy birding!
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    I need to transfer my boating database into tinybyte. I am really impressed with the interface. I have not been nearly as good about keeping up my paddling database in the last few years... oh well. I seem to do a lot better with things in the Visor just because I have it close at hand. I'm also pretty sick of Windoze2K and most microsoft apps. I'd rather deal with my Visor (especially given that I spend 12 hours a day in front of MS products ;-).

    At your suggestion I got rid of "defecating" and "copulating" as activities and replaced with "flying" and "perching" (the best I could think of at the time...) I'm sure those are great categories for some birders, but I've never seen a bird copulating, and when I see one defecate the last thing I want to do is be writing it in my palm as it flys over. Not exactly memorable ;-).

    It is a great database, though. I really like the fact that it has a lot of birds already in it... I also looked at the HanDbase bird log, but I think that the Tinybyte birder log is more suited to my needs.


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    Cool, there are at least 3 kayaking, birding visor users in the world! I mostly sea kayak (I used to be a guide on the Georgia coast) but I plan to do a little whitewater kayaking this spring (such as it is here in Minnesota).

    Zieak, sounds like you're a sea kayaker, have you tried Tide Tool? I wish I had it when I lived in Georgia. We don't have tides in MN but I have it on my Visor with the DB for the Georgia coast. I look at it when I'm feeling nostalgic.

    Brianp, I'd love for you to send me that Tinybyte. Could you send it to Thanks.
    By the way where in PacNW are you? My brother lives in Portland but he's neither a kayaker, a birder nor a Visor user.

    Happy birding and happy paddling!
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.
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    Jupe, I sure have Tide Tool. Unfortunately the community I live in now is not on the charts but the currents for the Narrows are on there (that confuses me - why no tides?) which is nice since the currents can be displayed with graphics and you don't get that in the tide books from the counter at the banks. I have been a sea kayaker and am looking forward to trying out whitewater paddling. (Although I'm going to have to go a long ways to get to a decent set of rapids!) I'll post a note on here if I get a tinybyte done for paddlers. In fact, I'll work on it right now...
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    This app allows you to create templates and do simple drawings that can be attached to a memo entry. It's at Perhaps you can create a birding template? Or there's a page of templates at the Memo Plus page, a user may have already created one.
    Hope this is of some help.
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    I currently use the ThinkDB tinybyte for birding but there is an alternative that you may find useful. Check this webpage: . The interface on this program is not as nice or as customizable as thinkdb but since it's simpler, moving through a list of 750 birds is faster. It also has the birds listed in a more sensible order, with all the birds of one kind together rather than just being in simple alphabetical order. For instance if you've seen a bunch of gulls, they are arranged all together and are easier to locate.
    By the way, with myself and my wife, you can add 2 more birding-kayaking visor users.
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    Originally posted by davis689
    ...By the way, with myself and my wife, you can add 2 more birding-kayaking visor users.

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.
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    Just saw this over at PalmGear... an app called BirdLogger 1.0.

    Ask and ye shall receive...
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    Thanks for the information.

    I tried out Birdlogger 1.0 and it has potential, but hasn't arrived. It feels like a beta and lacks functionality that really should be present in a "bird logger." There are some features I really like, but others I don't think I can live with... the "delete" function is not yet implemented, for one ;-).

    It doesn't seem to have a "form" view where you can see a list of entries, either. Perhaps I'm missing something here, but I wasn't able to make it work.

    It does have some awesome features, though. I really like the database contents and ability to search, but it doesn't have enough display capabilities to make it a viable bird logging application.

    I think I'm going to stick with ThinkDB and its tinybyte for birding. So far it is the best I've found. If Birdlogger makes a few changes and improvements, I would probably buy it. I really like the interface of ThinkDB, and if they got something closer to that I'd bite ;-).
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    I completely agree Brianp:
    No list view that allows me to see all the entries that meet my criteria at once - like all the birds I saw/heard on a specific day or week or whatever - that's a huge drawback.

    The ability to delete a record should have been implemented before the release of the software.

    Finally the search feature, while pretty well thought out, is much too slow to be useful on my overclocked VDx.

    I'm sticking with ThinkDB. It's customizable, fast, and free.
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.
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    I thought this software had some potential...but after putting in two birds my Visor froze with the message "MemoryMgr.c, Line:4390 Invalid handle". I'll have to reset to get it going again. I don't have a bunch of weird software on my Visor either. I also noticed that the "developer" has removed this software form the PalmGear web site.

    Be careful.
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    I just discovered some more birding software available now:
    • Birder 3.6 This one seems very similar to Birdlogger 1.0 that we discussed a while ago. Still hasn't arrived in my opinion.
    • Bird Identification Field Notes 1.1 Interesting but probably not worth the $10 to me. I usually make my id's in the field - I'm not sure I'd have the patience to make all those notes then look it up later. Also that would be a lot of going back and forth between the binoculars and my Visor - I'd drop something for sure.
    • Birding Checklist 1.0 Not bad but the demo isn't full featured enough to really evaluate it.
    • Bird Tracker 6.0 Another TinyByte. I haven't played with it yet.
    The Bird Watcher's Journal Tinybyte discussed awhile ago is still the best option for me. I'm curious how others have customized that TinyByte. I've added a timestamp field, a checkbox to indicate whether I identified the bird by ear, and a checkbox to indicate whether this is the first ever sighting of that species for me.

    Also, how's it going with the boating databases? Does anyone have anything they'd be willing to share?
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.
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    I had a database put together Jupe. But I recently had some problems with thinkDB causing resets immediately at launch. So I eneded up deleting all my tinybytes and am reconstructing them. I ended up making the kayak log into an outdoor activity log so you could track hikes, bike trips, etc. But as all tinybytes are highly adaptable that would be easy to change... I'll have the replacement done later today and will email it to you then - for beta testing!

    What initiated the series of crashes I had (2 hard resets in one day) was (I think) a program I was writing for my wife. She is guiding a week long paddle up here and wanted something for her handspring to ID birds ("was that a surf scoter or black scoter?"). I was using PDA toolbox and had a pretty good draft worked out. Maybe I should look at those other bird log programs and you could send me your critique of them and something suitable could come about...

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