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    Yes, i did use the search function but didn't come up with much.
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    Technically, apps launch from an SD card, they don't run from there. At launch the application is copied into memory (or currently NVFS for treos). Almost all apps should launch from an SD card unless they are designed not to or there is a bug that prevents it from working.

    Sometimes support libraries that are needed by the application don't get copied over so the application won't launch.

    Older PDAs had very little space for apps so it was necessary to launch apps from the SD card.

    Other than that, you'll have to try it and see if it works.
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    Apps that can run off the card - those that do not run automagically by themselves (on a set schedule), those that do not interact with other applications, applications that do not work with alarms, do not check mail when hit with an SMS - most everything else can be put on the card.

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    So far most of the apps are on my SD card (I am a zlauncher user)

    BUT those that definitely don't play nice and just be kept in RAM are MUNDU and snappermail...

    The only app that RESET the palm was tryign to run voice memo (from another palm device) on my T650 it worked well from the SD card but it did not like being launched form the sd card (so i'll ask here if ANYONE has gotten it to work but from RAM)

    Otherwise, so far so good from SD-card program launching...
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