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    6 months ago I finally decided to scrap my Treo cause it was falling apart. With no new Palm OS choice to go to (they take forever to put out new devices and the new devices aren't that dramatically different from the previous ones) I went with the Nokia E61. This phone is so incredibly buggy and has no consistency in the bugs which does not allow me to troubleshoot very easily. I can't even put on the new firmware since I'm a Mac user and they only make PC software upgrades.

    I'm ready to get the 680 and go back to Palm. I miss Palm. I miss the easier menus and the intuitive design. The Nokia takes me hours to find something I'm looking for (I often have to go back to the printed instructions, which don't always give me the answer anyway.) Cut and paste on the Nokia? Could they make that any more complicated? Does the wifi work? One out of Ten times, maybe. Useless. Does it have a nice screen? Yeah. Ok, something good. But I miss the camera, however low res it is.

    Waiting for the iPhone could be a while, so I just need someone to tell me that the 680 is a good choice and I should come back...
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    I have the E62 and I also agree the Symbian menus get lame to navigate through. The only thing with the 680 you may be concerned about is battery life. With my E62 I could go all day (7am-9pm) with heavy usage. My 680 sometimes doesn't even last till noon before I have to recharge again if I'm using it heavily. Everything else the (besides screen) the 680 will blow the E62 away. E61 has the advantage of wifi but I never use it because I'm on an unlimited data plan plus in my small town there's no wifi anywhere lol.
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    Having decided to stop carrying two devices, I almost bought an E61 about a month ago. I'm a long time Palm user but was put off by reports of the 650 being too unstable (like my LifeDrive).

    Now the 680 has come out and things are looking up a bit as far as getting a Palm device is concerned, but I'm still torn. I'm also thinking about the iMate jasjam.

    So, I too would love any comments about the relative ease of use of them.

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    I was pretty excited when the 680 was released and ran down to cing where I wound up leaving with the Nokia E62. Why? Biggest reason my hands or fingers are just to big for the treo. I havenever seen such small buttons. The E62 is serving my purpose for now but will look at the 750 when out and also the 8800 Blackberry.


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