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Agreed. The lag is annoying compared to the 650 (you'd cry comparing it to the 600!), but the increase in internal memory is a necessity to me, with EVDO a secondary reason to upgrade. I only notice the lag when switching apps, as it seems to be related to the way Palm chose to manage memory (apparently related to designing the hardware around WinMob instead of PalmOS).

Given a choice between 30-60 seconds of lag when starting up Blazer (700p) and not enough memory to use the programs I need (650)- I'll put up with the lag.

...But it's a choice that many are not pleased to make on a $619.00 + tax device. Palm has once again stuck us as beta testers - it often feels like Charlie Brown playing football with Lucy when buying devices from Palm... And apparently Palm has now officially stated they aren't able to fix the lag (see "the letter" thread).
30-60 second lag?!!!! I've ever seen anything remotely close to that on my treo or those of others in my office. Blazer has always worked prefectly.