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    Maybe I could have avoided a LOT of these headaches?

    So Cingular warranty dept has sent me 4 Treo 650s and now TWO treo 680s.

    The 680s I JUST got last week. The first was sent back within 3 days. The second, my current phone, I have eased into useage. Reading here about conditioning the battery. Setting power saving stuff. Gave it its own hot sync I.D. so it won't bring any bugs from pevious programs or phones. Didn't have to go anywhere Sunday or Monday. so because I KNOW Cingular's coverage near my house stinks regardless of device, when I know I am going to be home, I set the phone to call forward to the landline. Since the calls are now going to Cingular's network and thence to my landline, I turned the phone radio off and kept it on the charger.

    Loaded KBlights OFf. Played with that - works well.

    Loaded Techsounds from because I LIKE the beeps and whistles of the sci-fi! Didn't seem to bother the device.

    Loaded mRing (after reobtaining my regstration key because of so many device reloads).

    Left the house today at 1:30pm to do afternoon service calls and as soon as I hit a signal zone I attempted an outgoing call. Device crashed! It reset itself.

    Got the call connected and had an incoming call at same time. Device crashed!

    O.K. so at this point I am really really irritated - NO WAY am I going to put up with numerous device exchanges like I did with the 650! So I drove to Cingular corporate store. Where I explained what has been happening and guess what? The rep offered to exchange the device IN store right then!

    Dumbfounded (because I'd attempted to get them to do that with the 650 but they refused) I informed him that thank you very much, however I would have no way to transfer my current data to the new device right then. So I made arrangements to go back to the store tomorrow.

    Not being one to settle for this offer because it really doesn't address the problem I called Cingular tech help. Then I was informed that they had me still listed with an IMEI # for a Treo 650!

    In ALL the exchanges done not ONCE did a rep ever ask for an IMEI number! This rep informed me that the new phone needed current account info and updates. SO she sent them to the phone.

    On the way home I browsed Barnes & Nobles computing section and found a book for Treo 700s in i there was a troubleshooting section that instructed how to obtain the System error log.

    So I input the code for my device and got:

    Crash occured on 12/19/06 @ 2:04pm while running "<unknown application>" System compatibility.c line:64 Invalid card #

    AHAH! At least I can prove to the Store people I am not going nuts! But what good is an error log that logs "unknown application"? And was the "invalid card #" referencing the Sim card not registered to the IMEI of the phone or my SD card?

    aarrrgh - so close and yet so far!

    Battery drain I logged using Memos and started at 1:30pm with 98% as I disconnected it from the charger. And by 5pm at the Cingular store it was already down to 49% No data useage, only a few phone calls, with BT running in hidden mode. KB lights Off activated.

    I have deleted techsounds and mring again leaving the only "new" software on the phone as KBlights off.

    I'll see what happens tomorrow as I have a full day scheduled and tonight am charging the battery all night again with the phone radio off and calls forwarded.
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    Sounds like an older app that is not compatible with the treo 650 and up models. Card number refers to the SD slot reference number.
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    But no card # is actually listed on the error screen! Is that because the error screen gets truncated? It is a new 2GB card that I formatted IN the Treo 680.

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