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    I recently upgraded from Treo 650 to 680 and noticed that I don't have the 5-way functionality in Navigator 5 where I used to. I tried reinstalling the Navigator with not much luck. Did anyone else experienced that or am I the only one? I have not seen any threads regarding this issue.
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    I am having the same issue with TT6 - up/dwn works fine but left/right/select does not work.
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    Same here.. Treo 680 and TT5.. no Left and right
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    Other than left and right the center button doesn't work for me either. Wonder if there ever will be an update from tomtom regarding this.
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    Very strange indeed...why does it work on some phones and not on others?

    FWIW - I thought maybe another app was causing some sort of conflict. So I blew away the whole phone back to factory (after doing an Rbackup of course) and then popped in the TT6 SD card hoping it would work. But no...the left/right/center still did not work.
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    Same here. 680's 5-way pad is not working properly with TomTom 5.12 (only up and down seem to work)

    Is everyone experiencing this?
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    This is the case on every 680, left right and select do not work..
    This is a Tom Tom issue, not palm.

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