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    I have Butler 3.98 and use its Keylaucher feature. I have "M" setup as a favorite to launch pTunes. Incidentally, I also have KeyCaps600 so I set it up to work with Butler.

    I think this may have started with an upgrade to Butler 3.98: when I hold and press "M", I am getting the following message in a rectangular box:

    "Preparing to run application.
    Please release your finger"

    And then Memos launches.

    Any ideas?
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    Keylauncher is Butlers way of getting you to favorites. Go to your phone screen. Then use the 5 way and go down, into your favorites (Or go to Navigation in Butler and hit the box "Setup Favorites"). Check and see if M is your default for Memos, last one bottom right (it should be as that is default.) Delete that and you should be fine.

    You probably have M setup for both.
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    Thanks but I've already checked that and that is not the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acousticbiker View Post
    Thanks but I've already checked that and that is not the case.

    I had other problems with 3.98 so I went back to an earlier version.
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    You might check out Rob's "Hobbyist Software" forum on He's very good with support.

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