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    Does anyone know which options are desireable in the "What to Sync" menue of Settings in Wireless Sync.
    I've only checked the four types of mail, but I'm tempted to check contacts, calendar, tasks, etc and then go into settings, and check "share database with another conduit" to see if the Outlook contacts, calendar, etc. get copied to and stored on the Wireless Sync Web site. My only concern is that this will create duplicate entries.
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    Hmmm. Why do you want to check "share database with another conduit", are you planning on syncing both via hotsync and via wireless sync?

    I have all options checked (contacts, calendar, tasks), but I have disabled syncing these when I hotsync.
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    Thanks, Delray.

    Yes, I want to wireless sync my contacts, calendar, etc. to the Wireless Sync Server. I know I have to check the boxes for contacts, calendar, etc. But, do I have to then open "settings," and check "share database with another conduit?" Seems like I didn't have to with my last Treo 700p, because after I did a hard reset and wiped out everything, then got back my calendar, contacts, memos, etc. with a simple Wireless Sync. This saved me, because the Hot Sync port pins were damaged and I couldn't Hot Sync the data back to my Treo. Again, I want to avoid duplicate entries.

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