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    speculations anyone?

    (i always enjoy reading others "theorys")
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    Ditching the inventory.
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    FYI: It shows up at $199.99 after rebate in zip code 53725.
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    Speculations? The 680 is out, what's to speculate on?
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    Sounds like a bad deal. You can get 680 for free with 2 year contract at some places.
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    was not aware of the other deals. i guess they just phasing out the 650 all together? shame..
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    The 680 is the 650's replacement. There are some things the 650 does better at (battery life, stylus) but in general people would consider the 680 an improvement.
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    let's move on
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    Wow, you are one angry person, DTS. Chillax dude.

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