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    My 680 had terrible battery life (it would go dead overnight), so I did a hard reboot and installed software from scratch (I had done a restore from my 650). Things seem to be working better although sometimes the screen goes bank (i.e., you are looking at the phone keypad and its white, but if you press a number it shows up). Sometimes the screen goes weird, with text reversed out and oversized. Switching to a different screen via a key and back clears it up.

    Any ideas? Only 3rd party software I'm running is SnapperMail, DateBk6 and mVoiceMail.
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    Yipes! Sounds like a flaky screen. Try running for a day with a pristine version.. ie. hard reset and put nothing on it (if you can) and see if the problem persists. If it does, get a replacement.
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    Once the screen is refreshed all is OK.

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