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    It may be just me, but with the 650, the calendar used to repeat an alert successively to your preference, but not only plays once. It will repeat every five minutes, or whatever you set, but only plays once each time. I use the calendar as an alarm clock, and sometimes sleep through, since it only plays once each time. Am I missing something?
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    I have the same problem too. In the Sound & Alerts preferences, changing the number of times to repeat the alarm has no effect at all, it will only sound once. Am I missing something too?
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    If what you really want is an alarm clock, you should get Watchmaker 1.5.1, which works great on my 680, has lots of cool clock-face skins, multiple alarms, and you can select how many times you want it to play (up to 32x). It's freeware you can get here:
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    Well, I am not using the calendar alert as an alarm clock. I just want it to alert me of my appointment. I have also found out that the "repeat" in sound preferences is actually the number of times the alarm repeats itself if the alarm is not acknowledged. So for those who tend to miss the alarm, one way is to choose a much longer alarm sound.
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    I really liked calendar alarms on my Treo 650...
    Even with vibration set on and sound vibrated three short times...and call just vibrating..
    So, why Palm changed that cool fiture?
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    I wish there was a workaround for this too. I already use TreoAlarm for my general wake-up alarm, but I also like to have calendar appointment alarm reminders too. Worked great on the 650-I could HEAR the alarm and then also see the written reminder too. But the 680's one dinky ring is useless, so now I don't use this function, as there is no point. I wonder what the rationale was to change this!
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    Have we looked at Butler - the only reason I use it is to make it NAG and it does that real well.

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    No-I haven't tried Butler, but perhaps I'll do the trial. Thanks though for pointing it out.
    But my point is still why would a simple, basic and helpful feature that was built-in before be removed with the 680! I don't mind paying for 3rd party apps that interest me. I have plenty for sure! But I don't particularly desire any other of the features that come with Butler. It's kind of ridiculous to spend $14.95 just for ONE, tiny little feature that SHOULD BE as well as USED to be part of the stock calendar program. Heaven forbid that I merely wish to use a basic PIM function that I have a PDA for!

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