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    I purchased a USB retractable 'Smartphone Experts' brand synch/charger cable. In use, it takes 3 or 4 hours to charge my 680's battery from 30% up to 100%. With my Tungsten T3, a similar cable charges from 20% to 100% in about an hour. This is on the same laptop (Dell D610) and same USB port (all 4 ports on the laptop are powered the same, anyway).

    Do other retractable cables (such as the Boxwave) charge faster off of USB?

    Thanks for any input.
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    If you get am AC adopter charger, it charges even faster. It came with the 650 but not 700/680.
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    USB is only for trickle charging. good for topping off during the day and in cars etc. You will probably have the same problem with any cable currently on the market. Perhaps someone will figure out a way to make something for the 680 that gets around this. I'd wait until someone specifically says it will speed charge on USB only for the 680.
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    USB ports don't have the current handling capabilities that an AC adaptor provides when charging a battery, Treo or not. Remember Ohm's Law about current and voltage? I am wondering if the Treo battery can be fully charged by a USB port, even if the indicator goes green. Everytime I have charged mine to 100% with the USB, I get a very rapid discharge, whereas when I use the AC adaptor my discharge rate is much slower.
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    Would the battery technology used in the Treo be significantly different from the Tungsten T3 (other than mAh capacity)? For 3 years, I've never used anything other than the laptop USB port to charge my Tungsten, using an aftermarket retractable cable. Charged it for an hour or two once or twice a week, while sitting at my laptop.

    Was hoping to do roughly the same w/ my Treo, even if daily. I'm a road warrior, and I'd rather not have to dig chargers out of my bag and plug things in at night, plus the small USB retractable chargers are tiny comparted to any A/C charger. But I don't want the Treo tethered to my laptop for 3 or 4 hours everyday...kinda defeats the purpose.

    I do have an A/C adaptor that has a USB port on it. Came with one of my charger cables. Might give that a try with this 'Smartphone Experts' cable.
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    The My Treo app on the 680 talks about charging. Basically, it says that you should charge using the ac adapter and that usb only provides a slow trickle charge to keep the treo topped off.
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    Please correct me here if I'm wrong, but I think the My Treo app is talking about the USB cable that comes with the device, and uses the "Synch" connector to do the trickle charging. The cable I'm using has an additional connection to the Power port -- the port the normal A/C adaptor would use.

    This is the one I have:
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    The difference is that the newer power adapter has an extra pin that tells the Treo to charge at normal capability(about 950ma max). Without the extra pin it will charge at < 500ma (maybe 450ma).

    If you use the USB special adapter that you stated it will be limited to the computer USB output current capability.

    T3 had a much lower mA-h rated battery and did charge at the 450mA rate. That is why it would charge fine with the USB cable.
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    Muchas gracias for the explanation/education. Makes perfect sense.

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