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    I’ve been using my treo 700P for about 5 days now and I have a lot to learn about it! I’d appreciate if someone can answer this question for me-
    At home, my palm desktop is all set up, I did the sync install when both my handset and my desktop were empty. It went well, no probs. Now I’m trying to set up my palm desktop at the office, but I have a lot of data and contacts set up on my handset that I don’t want to lose. The install process calls for a synchronization between the handset and desktop, and I’m nervous to do this because there is no option to backup the handset. Only to hotsync to desktop or to outlook. I’m afraid that the sync will cause the empty desktop to overwrite the handset, and cause me to lose my data, make it blank like the desktop. Could this happen during this installation process? Or am I nervous for nothing? I just want to make sure that the handset overwrites the desktop. Please help. Thanks!
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    Go ahead you can sync it. It will copy the backup to your office's PC.
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    Thanks, I just wanted to be sure b4 I did it!

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