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    I just upgraded to Palm Desktop 3.1, but when I started it up, I found that a lot of the functionality that came with the last update was gone. For instance, I can no longer put a four-month calendar on the "main" screen (that has the daily schedule and the to-do list), and putting the mouse pointer over an event does not give a little popup box with the details of that event.

    I got to thinking, maybe the last time I upgraded Palm Desktop, I got it from the Palm web site rather than the Handspring web site... and maybe the Palm version was nicer than the Handspring version... it's been so long ago I can't remember what I did. But why am I not getting these features any more? Ideas?
    Mark 12:28-31
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    It sounds like you're comparing the Palm Desktop 4.0 UI with the 3.x UI. The tool tips and customizable month view is specific to the newer 4.0 user interface.

    If you need the 4.0 look and you're using USB, you'll need to follow the steps outlined in a few messages on VisorCentral.
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    Thanks ProjectZero for that information.

    But now I am confused -- it appears I was using 4.0, but I am not using USB. I downloaded 4.0 from the Palm web site, but it would not install because it said it was not compatible with the HotSync manager currently installed. But I *did* have 4.0 installed before and the HotSyncing worked fine... so I'm wondering if I was hallucinating or if I am just being ignorant of some technical point.
    Mark 12:28-31
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    take a look at this thread
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    Seems like IanP's link takes you a message or two below the needed information.

    See here:

    Or: Just rename the HotSync.exe file before running the setup for Palm Desktop 4.0 (exit the HotSync manager before renaming).

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