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    I forgot two:

    10) Bug Fix: NO TIME appointments in calendar are set w/ 5 minutes reminder by default (don't disturb, but it's non sense);

    11) NATIVE support to use it as a GPRS modem through cable.

    I feel like this list is useless. Palm does not have a history of hearing customers.
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    I'd like to see better Power Management. Nokia just released a firmware update to the N95-1 and my battery life improved by an order of magnitude! The Treo has a bigger battery but seems to suck the juice at an alarming rate.

    I'd also like to see a menu option to disconnect from my data connection. Kill the connection from the menu. I recall this being an option when in Chattermail, but I can't find anything like this now without Chattermail. For now I have to open Prefs > Network > Disconnect, then back out to get back to my main screen.
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    This is probably more of a software issue, but it would be nice to not have to wait 25 seconds for Blazer to open.
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    Lets not forget the bluetooth issues:

    1. Compatibility
    2. Sending all calls to the headset even when there isn't any headsets, or bluetooth is off.
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    Thank you for some other informative post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NomadeRJ View Post
    I feel like this list is useless. Palm does not have a history of hearing customers.
    Thus they no longer exist.

    Sorry about the bump of an ancient thread, but this forum is dead anyway - so what the heck.
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