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    I send and receive a lot of SMS traffic to/from Google for mobile search. Their Common Short Code (CSC) is 46645, and I've got this 5-digit number entered in my Contacts under 'Google Mobile Search;' the number itself is listed as 'Other.' (e.g. not 'Mobile' or 'Work,' etc.)

    I've also got a friend, call him 'John Doe' in my Contacts list. His phone number is 415.224.6645. So the last 5 digits of his phone number are exactly the same as Google's CSC.

    When John calls me, he pops up not as 'John Doe' but as 'Google Mobile Search.' Also, before I relabeled '46645' as 'Other' I had it labeled as, I think, 'Mobile.' Then, within the Treo's messaging application, it mis-identified the SMS traffic to/from Google as 'John Doe.' But now that I've got the CSC labeled as 'Other' this no longer happens. The messaging traffic is correctly labeled as 'Google Mobile Search' from within the SMS application.

    However, I do still have the mis-identification problem with the Treo 680's software - it is not correctly identifying John Doe - despite the fact he is calling from a 10-digit number, only the last 5 digits of which match Google's CSC number. When he calls he is identified as 'Google Mobile Search,' not as 'John Doe.'

    Anyone have a solution for this bug? And how do we report such bugs to Palm so they can fix their software?

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    From your phone app, try going into menu>options>dial preferences and try selecting the different options there to see if one of those options (like "Add dialing prefix to 7 digit numbers" solves your problem. I don't know if it will, but it seems worth a try.

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