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    Amongst the volume/battery issues which I am suffering both I have another one which may be limited to my 680 alone but I wanted to throw it out there and see if anyone else had similar issues.

    Basically I am using the headset provided by Palm with my 680 and sometimes the phone doesn't recognize that I have it plugged in ... I tried it with my old headset (same socket) from my 600 with similar results. It doesn't matter how carefully I push it in - sometimes it switches and other times it just ignores the headset and the other person continues to speak out of the phone speaker and not the headset.

    This is probably a build quality issue with my socket .. anyone else?

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    I have a set of ear buds from my ipod that I used all the time w/ my 650 worked great. now with the 680 did not seem to work. my bose quiet confort 2 works(has inpedence hi/lo switch). do not want to use my bose @ the gym, only use them when I travel. I discovered that if I start play back in ptunes w/out the hs in then plug it in it works. if I try playback w/ hs plugged in it plays back thru the speaker. that is what happened to me & what works for me.
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