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    To start out - I don't know if it is just me or if there are issues with all others on this. I didn't find anything posted about this previously... At least when I searched. Sorry if there is.

    My issue - When I go to my favorites, and and want to dial an alternate phone number by hitting the space bar, it dials out fine. However, instead of listing the person's name, it says, "Unknown Caller". After making the call, it asks if I want to add the number to Contacts. This number is obviously already located within my contacts.

    Is this a known issue? Does this happen to anyone else? Any work arounds?

    I like the feature of being able to add a number to contacts after a call is made or received, but do not want to be asked everytime I use this shortcut. I have temporarily removed the feature to ask me if I want to add contacts after a call, but only out of annoyance from this issue. I would like to find a way around this problem though.

    Any help is wonderful!

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have this bug too.

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