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    I have searched the forum and can not find any threads that specifically address my question. If one exists, please accept my apologies and point me in the right direction.

    The Palm Desktop software is not compatible with the Tablet PC OS. I can't tether my 700p to my Tablet without installing the Desktop software, or at least that's what everything I have read says. Verizon worked on the issue for me and found no workaround.

    Surely someone else has tried to tether a 700p to a machine running the Tablet PC OS? I am running Tablet PC 2005, SP2.
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    I am about to tackle the same concept, as I just picked up a Fujitsu P1610 with the same OS.

    You can just try to install the Desktop software. Apparently the problem lies in the installer, which freezes without telling you that it's done. Some people have found out afterwards that Palm Desktop was indeed installed, and worked pretty well:

    Here is a variation where you delete the "idriver.exe" file to complete installation:

    There also may be a way to create a virtual BT serial port, which may allow you to tether without installing the desktop software.
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    I currently have a tablet and a 700p and have been able to tether. When installing the desktop software the program freezes. I pressed Ctrl Alt Delete and brought up the task manager. The clicked on the processes tab. Then find the idriver file. Once you find it, stop the process and it will unfreeze.

    So far I haven't had a problem.
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    I have a Fujitsu 4010D and had a lockup when I loaded the Palm software, but once I rebooted everything was loaded properly and I haven't had any further problems with the installation. I remember thinking at the time that the installation routine wasn't very elegant, but once I saw that everything worked the experience slipped my mind.

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