Hi gang..

Trying to find a good alternative to Verichat and am having a tough time..

Latest attempt is IM+. Looks to be the best overall (compared to Causerie and Mundu), but one big problem..

For whatever reason, IM+ seems to keep dropping my connection to the server and re-connecting. I know this because I use my work Yahoo id to log on to IM+, and I see my id bouncing on and off (login/logoff) via my personal Yahoo IM account running on my PC. I also have sounds turned on in IM+, and use the "play a sound when IM+ connects" - so I can hear it audibly reconnecting every so often.

This is obviously bad. as people see me going on/off/on/off, etc.

Anyone have any ideas? I have it set to ping the server every 1 minute (and have tried all other settings, including every 2, every 3, etc).