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    Hey gang! I posted a review of the 680 when I got it and I figured I'd post a follow-up.

    I am still very satified with the device. I have grown acustomed to the newer stylus and have finally adapted to the new button placement. I still think it is the best sounding cell phone I have ever had and my data useage has been wonderful.

    Of course, the big complaint is the battery life. Yes, it is not good. I do like the lighter weight that the slimmer battery gives but an extended battery would certainly be welcomed. Of course, I have several chances throughout the day to charge my battery so it is not as huge an issue for me as it will be to some.

    Overall, I would highly recommend the 680 to anyone!!!

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    I concur. The home and menu button are still a little awkward for me, and as soon as there is an extened life battery, I am on board. But over all, still real happy with it.
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    Will they make an extended battery that is the same size?
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    Quote Originally Posted by richard371 View Post
    Will they make an extended battery that is the same size?
    We are all hoping so.

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