Hello - I finally decided to try to set myself up using Wireless Sync. The point of this is to try & access my Outlook email while out of the office using my Treo 650. I seem to have been successful.

When looking on my personal Wireless Sync homepage there is a bunch of stuff I'm noticing - like all of my info from my Treo and my Outlook on my PC have transferred to my page. (I use the Palm desktop primarily for use and only my Mail in outlook for the most part) .. 1st off - I notice if I delete mail from the inbox (on the Wireless Sync) page it is deleted from my outlook inbox? Not crazy about this, but ok ...

Is there a way to keep all of my other personal info from being on my W Sync page? Is there a way to not transfer any addresses, cal events, etc and only mail? I thought about changing the HotSync conduit to "do nothing" but then I figure the mail won't transfer as well? I have played around within the SYNC settings on the handheld and have only the mailbox's checked. Do some things get synced when I sync from that page? (like by just hitting the icon in the mail program) and others get synced when I do a regular Palm/Treo hotsync?

I'm a bit confused and would be grateful for any help anyone can offer!