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    Hi all.

    I work with classic and special interest cars and my job often requires me to submit photographs with my emails. All of the photos I use, however, are stored at my computer at work. What would the best/recommended setup be If I wanted to be able to answer emails (requiring those photos) with my phone.

    I was thinking maybe an FTP would answer my needs? Any suggestions?

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    If you have a SD card, there is always the possibility of storing the pics on the card - takes the WHAT IF something is down out of the equation. ChatterEmail does a good job of handling attachments. Ben
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    Yes, orb has a built-in feature that lets you access pictures stored on your PC using your Blazer browser on your Treo. You can click on a picture from within Blazer and email it to anyone along with a short message.

    You won't need to go through an email client on your Treo, that way.

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