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    My treo 650 was having some minor issues not always able to sync and freeze up situations occurring, so I called the Sprint equipment replacement hotline and the told me they would be shipping me out a RE-FURBISHED 700P instead of a Treo 650. I was glad to learn that I would be getting the new 700p but the lady told me that it didn't come with a new Palm Treo 700P Software Installation CD

    So what do I have to do to get a copy of the Palm 700P software disk. She said that a sprint Store would have it for free. But so far I checked with two in KC and neither had one. The Rep Did give me a Microsoft WX Installation disc that appears to be a licensed copy but its for the WX version of the Treo 700. Would that work on the 700 and I can then just use the Windows version. I told the lady that I wanted the Palm Version.

    Any help would be appreciated. The palm site states that you should have the installation disc for the unit.

    How do I migrate my info to the right software after loading the new disk.
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    I did go to the Palm web site but they gave me the following message.

    Support downloads
    Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager
    Whether you use with Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop, this is the basic software for synchronization. If possible, we suggest you use the Treo 700p software CD to install Palm Desktop; the web download at this link is a generic version that doesn't have the customizations for Treo 700p smartphones.

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    The 2nd link is what I did my initial installation with because my install disk was broken and had to be replaced. Ben
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    I just received a 700P as a warranty replacement. I was able to sync with the 4.14E with no issues. I reset it twice adn then it synced fine.

    The only thing I ran into is that all my PDFs on my SD card where gone when I was done.

    From teh notes on teh web site. The CD has a newer version. I have not been able to get the CD from Sprint or Asurion. Sprint is suppose to supply the CD.

    Good luck.
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    That was the same with me. I got the new 700P by ups today from asurion it came with a battery (I assume new?) and a charger. The lady on the phone the other day said it was just being sent with the phone.

    It did not have the software disk. I went to three different sprint stores to get the Palm 700P disk and nobody had it. The guy at one store thought he did and gave me a copy of the Treo 700WX By palm microsoft disk with the Windows Mobile 5. lic attached to it. I guess that I will keep the disk but its not usable for this 700P.

    I Did notice on ebay a guy in Louisville, KY had the 700P software for sale at 10.00 per copy with postage included.

    But I will go ahead and sync up the old 650 software and later up grade to the 700P.

    Also ran the ##RTN# - lifetimer and factory reset to learn the history of the replacement phone.

    The info was as follows:
    life timer (Mins) 0
    life data (Kilob) 0

    Warranty date 09-08-2006
    Recondition by PMO ?
    Recondition status YES
    Recondition Date 12-08-2006

    mobile protocal Rev. 6

    What can you tell me about the reconditioned phone from that information?
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    Thanks, Bro! You're the man now, dog!!

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