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    I wasn't sure how to look for this, but I was wondering if anyone know the cause. All my machines exhibit this, so it cannot be a machine issue. Basicall, when the treo is in the cradle (cradle is attached to the host computer w/ usb), the host would beep at intervals. The beep is it notifying me that a usb devices has attached itself. So, every 2-5 minutes or so, I'd get a attach notify, then immediately a detach.

    If anything, this is just very annoying. I've been muting the host computer, but would like to fix this issue altogether.

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    not sure what caused this but I definitley experienced this also....and I also had to try multiple times before I could acutally get it to sync with the computer....
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    Glad to know I'm not the only person, but there's gotta be more people with this issue.

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    Huh - another one of those things I wouldn't have thought to post about, but have noticed.

    When I stick my 680 on the cradle, I get the USB-plugged-in notification. My 650 didn't do that. When I then hotsync, it detaches, then reattaches, syncs, detaches and reattaches again. Finally, I pull it off the cradle and it detaches.

    Hopefully this is a purely benign phenomenon. (Maybe all this USB work is taxing the battery? )
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    I wonder if this is a "cradle" issue? I don't have a cradle - just the Power and sync cords and I am not having these issues.
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    I get the same behaviour with the standard included sync+charge cable.

    This is really annoying as at work I can't charge via the USB cable without getting warning alerts from Windows trying to connect a 'Palm Handheld' as on my work PC I don't have security permissions to install devices.
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    It's supposed to USB enumerate upon connection. One reason is incase you use activesync. But even some of the later PDA devices did this. When you press the hotsync it has to de-enumerate and re-enumerate to change the type of USB connection (endpoint). This is why you get the beeping tones.
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    So I guess the solution is to either mute the machine, or use Bluetooth hotsync and not use USB?

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