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    I've installed mRing v3.3.3 on my Treo 680.
    When somebody calls me the selected ringtone is played correctly but when I take the call with the green button or the middle button the playing ringtone doesn't stop until the call is actually put through and plays with some interruptions.
    Someone having the same problem ?
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    Yes, and MotionApps is aware of the problem. They emailed me today and told me the following:

    "We are aware of this problem, and our development team is currently working hard to find a solution. The delay is usually caused by a very large number of music files on the SD card or a large number of contacts on the device or a very large mp3 files.

    In the meanwhile you can try to answer the phone calls by pressing the keyboard button instead touch screen.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    I finally turned it off, made a ringtone out of my favorite MP3, and now it works fine... without mRing...
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    How did you make a ring tone out of a wav file that will play on the 680 without MRing?

    I have installed mring version 3.3.4 on my 680 but the setting don't work and the treo defaults seem to over ride the mring settings and I only get the treo ring tones playing through.

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    (1) Store the WAV file somewhere on your SD card
    (2) Download and install MiniTones to your RAM memory
    (3) Run the application and it should find your file automatically
    (4) Pick your file and let MiniTones add it to the internal sound database


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    Yeah, Motionapps has been on this a couple months now(same problem here)hopefully a fix soon. I was hoping with the latest update they just did, but no go.
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    Isn't there a way to add edited mp3's to the device with out the use of another piece of software? Possibly by moving them around with filez?


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