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    I'm upgrading my Treo 600, and will be getting a 700p. I've got Verizon. For the last 2 years, I have enjoyed NA-MOU and "free" data on my Treo, I was never forced onto a costly data plan, and I'm trying hard to keep it that way! But my 600 is dying, and we've been facing overages every month since ditching our land-line phone. I'm working through a commercial sales rep and still hold out a slight glimmer of hope that I can keep this on the new contract and I won't be stuck with $500/year worth of data charges.

    On my Treo 600, green arrows mean active and gray arrows indicate there is still a data connection and I'm being charged minutes. At the time, this was causing $3000 bills and hastened the demise of NA-MOU, but between BatteryDr. and discipline I only ever once left my phone on data, and it timed out 2 hours later. Does the Treo 700p work the same way with regards to gray arrows & standby time costing minutes, or was this fixed with the newer phones? If I do manage to get the commercial rep to hook me up with "free" MOU, I really don't want to get any nasty surprises like the first NA-MOU Treo people did!

    On a side note, do picture messages still activate the data connection and leave it logged in until timeout? I never had to worry about this before, but both my wife and I will have picture phones now, so I imagine we'll use it more...
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    Eh, on the other hand, given EVDO and the faster browser and being able to Orb video from my PC, I'm thinking it might actually be worth $40/month now! Either way, I'm excited enough about it to drop $1k on a 2-year contract w/data and not worry about trying to keep MOU.
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    You could also switch to Sprint and only pay $15 a month for data.
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    For $50 a month you get unlimited data and 1000min
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigDee View Post
    For $50 a month you get unlimited data and 1000min
    Is this Sprint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Dog Doc View Post
    You could also switch to Sprint and only pay $15 a month for data.
    I could also have no reception at my house. Or, alternately, for just $5 more a month, free roaming and still no data at my house

    It's cliche, but I ultimately stayed with Verizon because of the network. I have 2 phones on this plan, BTW, which changes the equation somewhat, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandorr View Post
    Is this Sprint?

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