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    Anyone else notice that their Treo 680 keypad flickers periodically at random intervals?
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    Yep. I'm not concerned. My heart does that, too.
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    Does your keybaord flicker when your screen is off or on?
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    i get that flickering, specially when i'm on a call. It is not too bad tho.
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    I believe it's only when the screen is on (I'll try to take note.) Also - it does seem to happen more when a call is in progress.
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    Same here when on a call....
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    Here too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ewhip View Post
    Here too!
    And I thought my eyesight was getting worst than it already is!

    I hope this is not related to the battery issue.

    Never noticed this on my Treo 600.
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    This isn't really about the KB light, but it's sorta similar...

    I just noticed that my appointment banner on the home screen started to flicker. Just the banner, nothing else is flickering. And it isn't the area of the screen because if I switch menus/screens, nothing odd happens.
    It's weird...It never did that before. Now it's annoying the hell out of me.

    I tried to reset, it still continues. I think it might be an effect from the BatteryGraph program. I installed this and noticed the flicker about 20min after. I removed the program but the flicker stays...

    *confused look*
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    I was just wondering whether it was just mine, or all of them. Just an extra little shoddy bonus!

    (The 650 seems even more solid and professional, now that I've had a 680 for a few days.)
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    I'm no electronics engineer - but I'm guessing it's from a voltage fluctuation. I guess that's one of the "benefits" of having Version "A" of the hardware.
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    Mine flickers too... sure looks like a voltage surge to me!
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    my keyboard flickers BUT I've only noticed it while i've dimmed my screen...

    I was using kblights off so I WOULD not have to see that.

    (how energy efficient is that? or is this neglible?
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    only happens to me when I am on a call and when the display is dimmed.
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    same here. it began flickering when i changed the brightness to around 3 clicks dimmer
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    i noticed it has as well but i think it was caused by a program called bright tools, i since changed over to mlights
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    same here I think its from the timer on the backlight Imo
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    I find guaranteed flickering when I take in e-mail - my thinking is this flickering is as it writes/stores to memory. It flickers just like an LED of a hard drive or flash drive when it reads/writes. (Don't get me wrong, I'm not implying that I believe the unit should be doing this.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by abarrios View Post
    only happens to me when I am on a call and when the display is dimmed.
    same here ...

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