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    how do i go by doing this since i believe its the firmware messing my phone up??
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    wat device???
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    treo 650 cingular
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    oooh same problem like it dying from other thread hmmm have u tried switching the board from ur old one to the new one seems liek good idea right
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    cuz i dont have the screwdriver for it. srry
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    well u can buy cost like 3 dollars at a hobbyshop
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    do u have any idea how to change the fw??
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    yea ...ummm call cingular theyll transfer u to treo help line and theyll send u an ota(over the air)update lol
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    i think thatll help bcuz i had a sidekick and thats how i updated the firmware by calling and dem sending the update
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    yea cingular iiz closed on sunday. i hate them for that
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    wow..tmo is open 24/7 lol
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    u can also gooogle it
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    Anyone reading this thread.. Disregard all above information, for your own and your Treo's safety.
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    why disregard
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    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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