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    If my auto-off after power preference is set to say 30 or 15 seconds and I make a call to someone and their (phone, voice mail etc.) does not answer in under that time frame the power shuts off and disconnects the call. My wife also has a 680 and the same thing happens to hers. I have tried this with people whose voice mail takes over a minute to pick and sure enough it disconnects if the call is not answered under the time preference setting, but if the call is picked up in time I have no problems. Neither my wife nor I have any third party apps installed yet. Any ideas on how to fix this??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have recently upgraded from a 650... suffering terrible battery life so I did a hard reset and a fresh install of the basics. Now I have a bizarre problem with the phone app which sounds like yours. When my screen goes dark during a call (30 secs) I lose the audio! If I press the phone app hard button it comes back. Ugh! I fear we may be too early for the Palmies again... may have to return this and wait for a new firmware version...
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    I had the same problem when migrate from 650 to 680.
    I then found out that OnGuard Backup version 1.07 was causing the problem, but it has since been updated to 1.08 and problem solved.

    My suggestion will be to hard reset then try out the device without anything installed to see if it's the hardware or software that's causing the problem. After that, install each software one by one.

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    idian. Thanks for the thought. I should have noted that this weird loss of audio began AFTER I did a hard reset & when I no 3rd party apps installed (!). How did you find out what was causing the problem last time, the method you mentioned?
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    I installed Phone Technician & it seems to have helped.
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    I had forgotten that I DID install the OnGuard suite after the hard reset... I've got version 1.07. Disabled it. Will look for 1.08. Thanks!
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    I have a Treo 650 that doing the-same/similar thing...
    I getting dropped calls, and it seem to happen when the auto-off power cuts the screen off.... I've adjusted that in Prefs (30sec to 3 min range are the only options); it DOES seem to drop the call based on the auto-off setting... if, while on a call, I touch a key on the keyboard, it seems like it starts the countdown timer all over again... and, if I don't KEEP pressing a key (which is annoying to have to remember to do), the call drops. I *DO* have OnGuard 1.07 installed. Had NOT heard of this a possible culprit until this thread; I'll check out 1.08, and will watch for updates here.
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