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    Hi everybody,

    I intend to buy a Treo 680 in the United States (just to get a colored one).
    My question is simple: does your keyboard have accents??
    I mean acute, grave, circumflex accents on voyels.
    On my treo 650, they are accessible by pressing the "voyel+alt" buttons.
    Thank you for answering, Odile.
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    bonjour, Odile! to print accented characters on the 680, you press the Alt key after the letter you wish to have accented (e, a, etc.) and then select the appropriate accent. the accented characters themselves are not printed on the keyboard.

    j'espere que ca vous aide...
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    thank you!! in fact I was wondering whether the qwerty keyboard had this possibility or not, your answer means yes.
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    how and where will you buy the colored version? i want one as well, but i can not find a webshop that ships colors overseas. Not even TreoCentral Store :-(
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    By the way there is supposed to be a French T680 with AZERTY keyboard. There is a german QWERTZ version as well.

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