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    I installed the Palm Files application and it originally worked fine.
    Now it's crashes everytime I use it. I've tried a re-install with no luck.
    Fairly minimal installation with the exception of PowerRun and MiniTones. (Kinoma, GoogleMaps, Missing Sync, Blue Files)

    Any known conflicts before I sift through all of this?
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    Happy sifting, I have no problems with it. The usual questions - how much memory do you have free, et cetera. Ben
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    30MB free.
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    I do not use Missing Sync or Blue Files, the other two I use. I never saw any value to Blue Files and deleted it after an hour or so.

    Often times when I delete an application I also reset the device, have you thought of that? There is an application called Cleanup from Northglide Software that might be of interest -

    Good luck!


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