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    For listening to audio books, Podcasts, and a little bit of music which would give me the best “ ease of use” and “user friendliness” for a middle of the rode technical person. I want to be able to listen to those things with a lot to do and the most reliability. Also if I listen to those things on the 680 do I need to upgrade Pocket Tunes to 4.0.
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    You will need a couple of things including an adapter so you can plug regular headphones into the jack on the bottom.

    If you bought your 680 from palm you would have received the p-tunes upgrade for free. I couldn't tell you if it's possible to do podcasts on p-tunes however. Music is great.

    However, it would probably be better to use an ipod or similar for things like that since it will probably destroy your battery life and you will lose the other portions of your multi-use smartphone. I figure it's the same bulk to carry a shuffle as a second battery so it makes more sense to me.
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    I used to listen to music with ptunes a lot. the only reason why I got a dedicated mp3 player was for battery life.
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    I wouldn't use the 680 AS an i-Pod substitute...WAAAAY too much battery strain, even when the screen goes off. However, I did load a bunch of my own musical decompositions on my SD card to demonstrate my sonic sickness to the morbidly curious.

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