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    Hi. I have setup Rhapsody To Go to work with my Treo 700p. All works well except that transferring music to the Treo takes forever. I am using a Trascend 4GB 150x card which is supposed to be one of the best. What card are you using? Any suggestions to improve writing speed (I have already reformatted the card using 32k). Thankis.
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    Did you ever get more information from anyone....I am looking into this service as well (I am currently an unlimited subscriber).

    I am also curious as wto what you needed to do to get the treo to work with it. Is it ieasy? Can you get two Treos to work with it (I would like my wife and I to both be able to use the service)


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    it takes a while on initial startup, but after that i am not transferring more than a few songs at a time anyways. I was VERY excited to hear that it worked with my 755p and pocketunes.

    a true all-in-one for me! no more sansa and cellphone at the gym.

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