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    Hey Marc - I'd like to see a Hard Key or Menu Option (with a letter) "toggle" feature to switch my Exchange email account from Offline (qsync) to Online (push).

    This would be a great way to switch from instant push email mode (with higher battery usage) to QSync email mode (with lower battery usage). I love having instant "pushes" while I am away from my computer but it is not necessary when I'm in front of my computer. Not to mention the fact that I get my email on Chatter 5-30 seconds PRIOR to getting it in Outlook

    Currently, to switch from Offline to Online, I have to do:
    Menu | Edit Mailbox | Deliver | Offline | OK

    I would then set my hard buttons this way:
    1. QuickSync
    2. Offline/Online (new)
    3. Silent/Normal

    I'd set QSync to 600 minutes and when I got to work I'd hit the Offline/Online toggle. When I left work I'd hit it again. If I left the office during the day I could either do a QSync to check for new email or just put Chatter in Online mode.
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    An interesting idea; I'll think about it...


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