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    I have the same isue with the "Unknown Caller". I had posted it in a new thread.. though no repsonses as of yet. The odd thing is that it is listed in contacts.. shows up as a alternate # for that favorite.. yet it says unknown caller. then after calling the # it ask if u want to add it in contacts!
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    You know what's weird though? When I look up a contact in my favorites list, push the spacebar to get other numbers to call them at, when I activate the call, the phone shows the number i chose, but says Unknown Caller...Very weird.
    I get the same! Curiously, when I activate the call on the drop-down list after pressing spacebar in Favourites on an entry that has a photo in the Contact profile by selecting with the Select button, I get "Unknown Caller" with no photo. If I do the same with the green call button, the photo's displayed but it still says "Unknown caller"!
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    Well, I did a hard reset, then added a new contact with 2 different numbers and then added that as a favorite. When I hit the space bar, I got the same no designator at the end of the box. I'm thinking it must be some sort of problem with the phone itself. I think I also have the volume problem, as my call volume level on my end is very low. I've heard that this is a known issue with some phones and Palm is replacing them. I think I'll give them a call this morning and try and have it replaced. It might also be the problem I'm having with tomtom voices. ( )
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    Well, I just spoke with a rep at Palm and due to the sound quality issue, they're replacing it. They seemed to know about issues with the sound on some units. I'll hopefully see at the end of the week if it's related to the designator in the favorites menu as well.
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    I got the new phone, and it's not any louder than the old phone. I guess that's as loud as it will ever go. The problem with the contacts in the favorites is still there. Has anybody figured out what the problem is?
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