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    I did not think of this and did not want to hijack the other thread. So I want to give credit to WilsonB in this post

    The WEP 200 AC adapter is 5 volts DC out just like USB power.

    I got the parts at Radio Shack.
    Part Numbers are the cable 273-1743 and the connector 273-1704

    The cost for the cable and connector was $7.00
    I had a USB power cable from an old USB Hub.

    I had checked the AC adapter cable and the center pin was positive (+)

    I cut the plug off the USB power cable plug and soldered on the new connector. I then placed some heat shrink tubing around the soldered connection.

    The whole project took about 10 minutes. I checked polarity with a multi-meter to ensure everything was correct prior to placing the headset in the charging case. Everything went fine and the headset is charging as I type this post The light turned red as soon as I plugged it into the computers USB port.
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