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    Are you planning to enhance the plugin or make it shareware (or free to 2day users)?

    I'd like to see a status of the mute switch and of volume setting in the datebk6 plugin.. kind of like you have in 2day.
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    That's a bit "touchy".

    If I do add this - it will have to be a priced plugin (like 4cast).

    If you have 2day, why would you need it in DateBk6 ?
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    Cause I am finding myself using datebk6 Today page quite often

    I am using the High-Res font which makes the text too small in 2day. Where is "Medium-Rez font" in your feature list for implementation?

    I think a reasonable cost for the plugin will get you lots of customers (current datebk6 users).
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    I personally find the Datebook 6 "today" feature to be inconvenient. Sure it is easier to see because it supports only colors (colours for the rest of the world); however, one cannot scroll to another day. There is room for the mute, volume, Bluetooth icons.


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