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    There's a free app called watchM out there that has simple alarms and it basically a clock app. But it's got good and easy timers and alarms.

    The thing I wish I could find is something to change the default alarm screen that would allow for changing the snooze duration. I've gotten spoiled by the ability to do it in outlook.
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    Mine worked fine on my 600 and 650 but on my 700P....when the alarms goes off, it keeps on ringing or vibrating(whichever way I have it sent) for 30 secs before it stops. I cannot just cancel it or hit the snooze as it keeps ringing or vibrating for 30 secs. I emailed Treoalarm support and he is unaware of this glitch but does not have a 700P to test

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    I've had the treo alarm on my 600 for a years, and it has worked great! It wakes me up everytime, I've used my cellphone as my alarm clock for years, and when I first got the treo, that was my major concern, after finding treo alarm, all of that went away. I now am going over to the 700p, the first tryout worked very well....very convenient, you can set it by day/weekly.
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    I cant find it. I have ZLauncher, Butler, but they all seem to be tied to events. I just want somthing that wakes my up at the set time. Something loud and repetitious, like the ring tone.

    I searched, and still cant tell, but there's an alarm app for free I will otherwise use. Just seemed a simple thing that would already be there.
    yeah its one in worldclock. its a strange place for palm to put it. it works pretty well. that flight of the bumble bee alarm is annoying as hell though...
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    My vote's for Watchmaker Not only is it free, but it can also snooze.
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