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    Hi there,

    With the battery-life of my 680 I find the hardcoded battery-level warnings way too low. When I start seeing these messages I have no chance to get anywhere near a charger if not around home or my desk the next couple of minutes (hour).

    So I would rather like to get a warning when passing, say, 20% - giving me half a day to react instead.
    Ofcourse I could constantly monitor my battery level manually, but I'd rather not :-)

    I've had my eyes around "Profeo SystemAlarms" ( - but seems like all his tools are evolving around the Treo 600 (and right now my wife has hijacked my 680 so I simply cannot test it ;-) ).

    Anyone having experiences with tools for this?

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    Anyone tried Fullpower on the 680?
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    have you tried breaking in the battery and the battery meter yet? Makes a huge difference on battery life and then I doubt you'll have the low battery problem.
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    I first got the warning tonight at 6%
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    I have noticed that I get the first battery warning at 19% which says "your battery is low". Then at 9% I get the warning "your battery is EXTREMELY low". And then at 5% it automatically shuts off the phone (connectivity), and at 2% the whole thing shuts off.
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    I think the optimal warning level differs from user-behaviour to user-behaviour. So for some the 20% may be super, while for others it would be nice have control of.

    Palmdoc2005: no I haven't tried Fullpower, I would rather try the Profeo SA - being "free"...

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