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    Hi, all -

    My wife and I just switched over from Nextel to Sprint to get a pair of 700Ps (thank you, SERO!), and I'm trying to research car kits that will work.

    My wife is handicapped and drives using hand controls, so a speakerphone or BT headset is what's needed. Further, her wheelchair van already has OnStar which needs to stay in place.

    The idea of an integrated kit like a Parrot CK3000 Evolution or a Moto blnc IHF1000 is tempting, but I'm worried she'd lose the OnStar. Using a BT headset and a simple phone holder (charging or otherwise) may be a better option. And then there's the visor mount BT car kits...

    The more I read, the more I'm confused. I'm particularly worried about ease of use, and a solid BT integration.

    Suggestions for the newbs?
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    Why would a car kit disable OnStar? I can see that they might use the car's speakers, but why would you use them simultaneously?

    There are kits out there that have a separate speaker, so it wouldnt interfere with the car's speakers. If she drives with both of her hands, how will she dial? The treo doesnt support VoiceDailing over BT, so you still have to use hands to initiate and accept a phone call!
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    My concern is that a car kit not *disable* OnStar - it's a safety device for her, not a phone. I need to be sure other devices can be piggybacked with it.

    She can reach out to hit buttons, just not hold a phone to her ear while driving. One of the things I noticed in the Parrot and Moto spec is that they have on-board voice dialing that is independent of the phone device being used.

    She and I talked about it last night. If I install a dash mount for the Treo that she can easily reach, she doesn't have a problem with pressing a button or two on the phone and then routing the call to a BT headset. I just can't see her putting up with any repairing Mickey Mouse - the BT needs to be solid. That's why I'm looking at alternatives.

    For that matter, it looks like a Seidio G4100M may be a solution - if I understand how it works, it acts as an amplified speakerphone. She could then use either on-board Voice Dialing or Sprint's network version without getting BT involved at all.
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    My understanding is that you can add cellular service to the OnStar system (at a considerable price, unfortunately). My brother-in-law has it set up and it works well - but I do know that if it's an older vehicle, you may need an upgrade to support digital service.
    Hope this help.
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    She does have phone service as part of the OnStar, but it's crappy Verizon and expensive. We're trying to get her back to a single mobile number...
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    I just ordered the G4100M CAR KIT from Seidio. I like it because it's NOT Bluetooth and looks simple to use. It also has an audio line out to plug into aux radio plug or transmitter (I have a in-line transmitter hooked up) this way I can listen to mp3's or the phone call through the car speakers. They even have some with GPS receivers built-in.
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    I would definitely look for a wired (non-BT) speakerphone that has a convienient car mount so all she would have to do is place it in the car cradle/mount when she gets in. BT isnt reliable enough, especially when your treo resets! She would have to re-pair it!

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