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    I lost my treo 650 installation cd and I want to install all the software in my new laptop. I went o and I was only able to download palm desktop without some conduits. This is what it said: "If you haven't installed the software from your CD, do so now. Additional conduits and applications are included on the CD, such as photo and video conduits, Documents To Go, eReader, or games. If you don't have the CD, you can install the version on this page, but you may be unable to sync some items.

    So I can't install some pictures from my computer into the internal memory of my treo.

    Does anyone know how to get this CD? or download pictures from my laptop to my treo's internal memory?
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    (PowerPlay Vs) >> palmOne Zire 31 >>
    (palm Tungsten T3)/(palmOne Zire 72s) >> (palm Black Tie Trēo 650 Custom)/
    (palmOne LifeDrive Custom [SanDisk Ultra II CF])/(palm m515)/(palm T|X)
    handspring Visor Deluxe/Tapwave Zodiac 2/palm Trēo 680 Copper Orange

    Canuck PDA

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