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    First.. I have read all the Opera threads I'm not sure if its my phone or apps...

    I got IBM JVM from the palm site and installed the 2 files it said. Didn't install anything else.. Went and got Opera Mini off the website.. Put it all in.. First time it couldnt detect a network.. Second time it did.. Then.. Randomly it just restarts my phone when I try to browse.. For instance I went to BOA and went to enter my login and it restarted my phone..

    I did all the mods to the IBM JVM.. Memory Size, Cache Size..

    Not sure if its the phone or did I not isntall something in the JVM I needed.
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    I am having sort of the same problem I input an address and then opera mini freezes and at the top it says "End User License Agreement" and then goes back to my files area. Then when I click on the Prefs>IBM Java....the phone does a soft reset.

    Ain't sure what is happening.
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    try using an older version of opera. i tried opera 3 a few weeks ago and it crashed left and right. but opera 2 works fine (although it does spontaneously cause a reset about 2x/wk)
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    I experienced the same thing after being frustrated with Blazer not allowing me to login to MYEBAY account. I went through the same stuff you described, so I deleted it. After a couple more days of dealing with the horribly useless Blazer, I decided to give it another try and dowloaded Opera Mini directly from my phone. I had downloaded via hotsync from my PC the first time, and now I'm not having any problems - and I'm pretty sure it's the most recent version of Opera too.

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