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    Has anyone experience the following problem?
    When I first received my Treo 680 I set up my Yahoo e-mail account via VersaMail on the handheld.I then ran the HotSync, To my surprise I received my e-mails on the Treo.
    The next day I ran the HotSync again, but this time when I selected the E-mail option off of the Treo it ran, but did not display anything, it didn't even display the normal VersaMail screen. It just took you back to the screen where you select "E-mail". (VersaMail name flashed on screen)

    According to Palm's help test I download a program "FileZ" which allows you to delete files,etc. According to Palm's help tex t I need to delete any file whose "Creator"was acs2 and acs3. I did so and it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me?
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    What kind of Yahoo email service do you have?

    The free yahoo email service doesn't allow pop3 access, which is required if you want versamail to access your yahoo account wirelessly.

    Is this your first Treo? If so, try reading the manual and you will learn a lot.

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